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A problem I have run into during sets is needing to change the time signature between songs. Mainly this is for the click track. Now you could just record your own click and route it just like you would any other track (which still has transition problems of its own), but I still am amazed […]

I was thinking this week about my past years journey as a worship leader. For the sake of background, I moved to Texas a year ago and helped plant a church. Prior to that I was a youth pastor and had minimal experience leading worship, although I had played with a touring band for 2 […]

Here is a response to a question I got about using Live with a full band: Yea we use a trigger finger to trigger specific loops throughout a song. Here is a screen shot ( below) from this past week showing how we would set it up for the song “All Over The World.” We […]

I lead worship currently for a 8 month old church plant just outside Dallas. We are about 100 strong and have some killer musicians playing each week… only thing is we are missing a drummer at the moment…. well kinda… Enter Ableton Live. I program all our drums and percussion each week using nothing other […]

I use Ableton two ways in worship: The first is by pre-recording the songs I plan on using in a set and “play along” with these tracks (with other band members playing along as well). The second is by triggering sections at specific points in a song. In the first way I will usually set […]

Last I discussed getting started with Live and a worship song. I’ve got a second and thought I would share a couple tips on ways to “enhance” your basic loops. 1. Search and download some sampled shaker and tambourine loops. Usually I will use a shaker to enhance loops I use for the verses and […]

DISCLAIMER: This is one man’s version of how to implement Ableton Live in worship. Obviously there are may other ways. Ableton Live is in my opinion one of the best resources for worship leaders who might be looking to add more color/a modern feel to their sets, as well as (as is most cases) if […]